Tradition and culture are the main characteristics of Maiori. It is told that the citadel was founded by the Etruscan lucumone Reghinna, at the beginning of the Tramonti valley. Its views and natural beauties have inspired poets and artistis for centuries, up to Roberto Rossellini – the director that fell in love with these places and that has shot right here many of his movies, such as Paisà in 1946, Il Miracolo in 1948 and Viaggio in Italia in 1953.

Still today, during the Rossellini film festival, Maiori becomes a movie set for young directors tracing the steps of the Neorealism master.

For the pleasure and the palate of tourists, during summer Maiori brims with cultural and food events: Maiori, vicoli e cultura, La Maratona delle Cinque Chiese, local neighborhood parties as well as theater shows and musicals performed by local artists.